The Beautiful Story the Church is Revealing
--How a unified Body of Christ proclaims the ultimate restoration of all--

Providing a safe venue for the Body of Christ to explore the hope, desire, and inkling that the redemptive love of God in Christ may be bigger and more powerful than we've been allowed to believe.

God’s Love Wins addresses the continuing questions and conversation elicited by Rob Bell’s Love Wins and Mark Galli’s God Wins as well as Francis Chan’s Erasing Hell. The position of God's Love Wins is what some have called "The Greater Hope." We have been referred to as "Christian Universalists" but we prefer to be called simply "Followers of Jesus." We affirm foundational doctrines of both the Reformed (Calvinism) and the Arminian perspectives and confess the historical creeds. We desire to engage in the discussion over the nature of hell while never dismissing our rich foundation formed and sustained by authors/leaders such as Tim Keller, John Piper, D. A. Carson, J. I. Packer, Mark Driscoll, R. C. Sproul, Scott McKnight, Roger Olson, N.T. Wright, and the late Lesslie Newbigin and D. M. Lloyd Jones just to name a few. Other authors who have enriched our understanding are listed here.
"The debate about hell's duration is much more complex than I first assumed. While I lean heavily on the side that says it is everlasting, I am not ready to claim that with complete certainty. I encourage you to continue researching..."
Erasing Hell, Francis Chan (page 86)